The captain laundry  team in Naxos consists of 2 members motivated to meet your expectations. The shop is divided in two parts: the laundry held with talent by Eva and services for boats with good humor by Makos . Here we speak 3 languages for your convenience (Greek, English and French).

Our service offering is virtually unlimited: Laundry, dry cleaning, sewing, pick-up and delivery (free),  bimini cleaning, any, kind of cover cleaning, ironing, electric or natural drying (with the good air of Naxos!), stain removal, hem... Your personal machine is never mixed with other customers, hygiene is mandatory!

Our boat services: diving, change anodes, underwater cleaning, underwater pictures, mast climbing, inside boat cleaning, linking with our privileged craftsmen (sailmaker, diesel mechanics, gel coat maker, electricians, refrigeration specialist... )and much more!

  • You want to find in the morning your rented car, your quad in front of the boat? Ask us!  
  • Want to rent a sailing boat with captain for a day, or more; maybe a very fast motor boat with his captain?

Dozens of possible service offerings, please have an idea by reading the paragraph concerns below. Captain is always there for you with good humor! Don’t hesitate, meet us in our store at Naxos or in the marina (we live there). You will know what naxian idea of services is!



A young woman holds the laundry brilliantly and care of your laundry without requiring you to wait until the end of the cycle: you deposit your dirty laundry and that’s all, you can go enjoying your time! You grab it the same day clean and folded, even ironed if you wish!

  • Here, we speak three languages to make you comfortable: Greek (of course), English and French.
  • Here you have the choice: we have electric dryer of course, but most of the time your laundry is dried naturally in the fresh air of Naxos!
  • Services offering around the simple washing of clothes: Dry cleaning, ironing, stain removal, small sewing, hems ...
  • The capacity of our machines is variable and can even receive your quilts, blankets, bimini, sofa cover (up to 20 kg of wet laundry into one machine, cold up to 90 degrees, can spin up to 1500 rpm).
  • Here, perfect hygiene, we wash your clothes and your clothes only; no mixing with other customers.
  • Our store also provide you safe storage box for luggage...
  • For the residents of Naxos (or the other also), we also wash your carpets (by hand) in our specific and adapted pool.
  • We come without extra taking your clothes on your boat, in your apartment or in your hotel and bring it to you back... it even happens that we return clean laundry by boat to other islands at the request of privileged consumers who trust only us!
  • Whatever will be your needs don’t hesitate to come and ask us, we will find a solution to satisfy you!


Captain, it’s also boats services:

Because we live aboard our sailing boat throughout the years, we know what can be your expectations! We are present on the marina nights and days.

We can help you up to your expectancies:

  • A stuck anchor: We dive
  • You need a mooring to be safe: We dive
  • You need a fairing afloat, a change of anode.
  • A net is caught in the propeller: We dive.
  • You need photos for your insurance or simply to check the quality of our work? They are systematically taken!
  • Your eyeglasses are in the water? We dive
  • With or without bottles, nothing scares us; the sea is a second nature for us.
  • Changing an antenna on top of your mast: We ride
  • A lightbulb to change on top: We ride also!
  • You need a marine mechanician, changing oil, a craftsman to make the gel coat, a sailmaker or an electrician: we will put you in contact with our privileged partners.

Captain can also winterizing your boat! Do as dozens of happy clients who have entrusted us with their units: leave your boat in Naxos marina for the winter (specific mooring, daily visits, engine motor maintenance, batteries etc.). You receive people on board and want to be proud of your ship? Ask our interior cleaning service: our household women are discrete, effective, and fully aware of the specificities of a boat. You need an outside cleaning, rutillant stainless?  Here again we bring you the solution! A question, a precision? Don’t hesitate, you will meet us on the marina for sure!



To summarize, whatever your request (and as long as it remains lawful) we will gladly answer, happy to help you and always with a smile! Because your satisfaction is our priority, because we want you to love Naxos as much as we love her, because be helpful is our second nature, don t hesitate!



Because we're all the year on Naxos and we know everyone, we can answer all your queries:

  • You need to refill your butane tanks? we can
  • You need to fill your diving bottles? We can
  • You need ice for your fridge, French champagne, fine wines, and spare parts for your boat, a new shore supply, a barber on board? We can!
  • You want us to do your shopping? We can
  • You need to check the weather with a nice internet connection, need to receive a packet, a letter on board? We can provide you an address and bring it to you.
  • An emergency, you have to go by plane and your boat must be send to another island? We can
  • You think about sailing, renting your boat? We can
  • You're still not the owner of the unit of your dreams? We shall find!
  • You just want to experiment riding a boat between the islands with a captain? We can
  • Need to get the boat out of the water, even another island? We have the contacts, we can!
  • You missed out on the Blue Star and need to go urgently to another island? With our 900 horsepower motor boat (80 miles per hour) we can!
  • You want to rent a car, a quad and want it wait you at the bottom of your boat? We can



Grotta, Naxos, PC 84300

Telephone: 22853 010 70

Mobile: 6985 85 05 28



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